Image Tips & Guidelines

The quality of your photo is the most important part of your order. Our artists rely on your photo for color, style and design. Use the following guidelines and tips when choosing your photos. 

- Photo taken in daylight
- Front-facing
- No obstructions
- Portrait will be cropped exactly like the photo (we will not complete the house not photographed on the left side)

- You may use good quality photos from your phone
- Note that any cars, landscaping, trashcans, etc. will be included in the portrait unless you specify otherwise in your order notes.
- You may use photos from real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia and Street Easy.

Do not use overly filtered photos
Do not use photos taken at sunrise or sunset - we will not be able to recreate the true color of your home
Do not submit photos with cars or trashcans in front of them if you do not want them in the final portrait (in some cases we can remove them, though).

Need some advice?

Our friendly team is on standby and willing to help! Submit your photo questions to before you order.